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A few of you have asked about my wife, on the back of the blog I wrote yesterday. Thanks for the positive comments. It’s good to hear some interest in what I wrote…

My wife came in today to have a colour and smooth volume blow dry. Unfortunately I did not do her hair (tut, tut!) our Top Stylist, Lizzy did it for her- which is usually the case as she can’t get an appointment with me, but to be honest… And am sure she won’t mind me saying this, but she can be a bit fussy when I do her hair! ;) Anyway it sounded in the Salon, that she enjoyed that girly time, as Lizzy makes her laugh a lot.

Lizzy is the most senior member of my dream team, and has been with me since the Carmelo Alessi Hairdressing shop opened.

Today Lizzy applied a semi-permanent Keune Tinta 5.35 colour, which is medium and light choco brown, to Reena’s (my wife) hair. She had a few greys so that colour completely covered that too.

After the development time, a good wash through and a relaxing head massage by our new assistant Taylar, Lizzy worked her magic on creating a very sophisticated volumised look, by using Detachable Round leave-in brushes. These brushes are great for drying the hair through and leaving in place for the hair to set, for a highly styled look that can lasts 3-4 days.

Lizzy brushed the hair through and used Keune Design Line Mousse Forte, no more than a golf ball size- to apply to the hair, away from the scalp to end of hair tips. Then sectioned off the hair, and sprayed Keune Design Line Root Volumizer at the root at each section, right the way through.

Taking one of brush barrels wrapped, a section of hair around the brush barrel. Then applying direct heat of the blow dryer to heat the hair on the ceramic brush head and wrapped tight to the scalp. Then released the button on the brush handle, to leave the roller in place, then repeated with next section of hair.

The nylon bristles on each brush is long enough to hold the rollers in place without clips or grips, stiff enough to create tension when blow drying as styling. Once done, each brush was unrolled carefully and Lizzy applied Keune Society Hairspray Extra Forte, to each section and back combed the top section to give more lift and appear more fuller.

The verdict is…

As a result of the colour, it created a high gloss shine and youthful healthy finish.
Thanks Lizzy - Reena was very happy with the big bouncy hair look!

Do ask when next in, if you want to experience this type of blow dry styling that will last 3-4 days too!

Carmelo Alessi


Posted by: Carmelo Alessi

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