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Our Favourite Must Have Dry Texturizing Spray

Davines ‘This Is a Dry Texturizing Spray’
Carmelo Alessi Hairdressing Stony Stratford Davines This Is a Dry Texturizing Spray

If you’re anything like my wife, she always worries about her hair looking good on holiday. Obviously being married to a hairdresser means that she should have amazing hair, all the time- right ladies?

So it’s my responsibility to ensure that my suitcase always contains the hairdryer, hair straightners and the hair products. My wife says she has too many shoes to pack and which takes up most of the baggage allowance!

One product I recommend that is a must have in any holiday suitcase is the Davines ‘This Is a Dry Texturizing Spray’.
It’s part of Italian sustainable haircare range that has been developed in conjunction with top Hairdresser, Angelo Seminara.

You will find the spray very lightweight and adds volume quickly to the hair to help give control and texture to the hair, which is natural looking, without that sticky weighted down feeling some products give.

It’s naturally paraben-free and provides a medium hold to your hair that can also be restyled. The bonus with the Davines ‘This Is a Dry Texturizing Spray’ is that it is a product that can be used morning day and night.

I’m learning many of my clients are taking a product for the day and one for those dinners out at night. This is multi-purpose and will save some of that much needed space for more shoes and some…

  • For great results apply Davines ‘This Is a Dry Texturizing Spray’ to dry hair.
  • From the top of your head, section off with a back combing brush, then target the roots to mid-lengths of your hair.
  • Hold in place for a few seconds before positioning the hair or use a back combing brush for height.

My wife usually turns her head upside down, sprays it all over, scrunches, sprays again and throws her head back, styles to the side, grips and clips.

It’s great for medium and long hair, choppy styles and fine hair that lacks volume. It smells pretty good too!

At only £20.95 it’s a good buy for a just stepped out of the salon like result.

Posted by: Carmelo Alessi

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