Ultimate Red Jess

Keune Colouring by Katie.

Am sure you will agree that hair colouring is personal, just like our choice of clothes, make-up, and jewellery.

Working exclusively with Keune Colour PPD free products and in combination with our expert trained application techniques, we always work with our clients to achieve the right look.

Our gorgeous long standing client Jessica came in with very dark brown hair and was looking to achieve a bright ruby red colour.

To start we had to lighten up the hair, mixing up bleach pre lightener and applied it all over her head and left it for 30 minutes.

Once the developing time had passed her hair was bright Orange!

The next process was to create an even base ready for the ruby red!

Mixing up Keune semi permanent colour - 20ml of clear colour and 20ml of 6.66 red, we then applied the colour over the whole head leaving on for 20 minutes. We do this to even out the previous blonde that had been applied, making the root the same colour through to the ends.

Now we have an even red to work with! The next step is to make the red as ruby as we can! Mixing up Keune lifting colour 667 ruby red with 3% we then applied it all over to leave on for another 20 minutes.

The result on Jess is a very beautiful Keune colour transformation.

Special Thanks to Jess for letting us use her photos- you’re looking amazing!

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Posted by: Katie

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