Keune Colour Changes

KEUNE Hair Colour Changes Story

By Lizzy

The lovely Katherine came in for a colour change. When we mean change- this was certainly a noticeable colour transformation, which turned out very radiant and beautiful.

The Colour I used… 5.35 and 5.23 half and half 1/4 6 semi permanent KEUNE and a few foils 9.32.

Katherine is used to having full head foils to get the colour nice and light, but on this visit she wanted to change the colour and have something different so I placed a few foils around the front so it wasn’t so dark the first time. Then I weaved the hair nice and fine and the 9.32 is more of a beige colour so it wasn’t too light against the dark hair.

I then applied the colour semi root to point making sure I coloured the whole section.

I then left the colour to develop for 30 mins then washed it off. I used KEUNE Design Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and condition the hair for styling. Please note that we actually use these great products at the back wash that we recommend and sell to our clients!

To get an illustrious shine, I blow dried with Davines OI Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion and applied a bit of KEUNE Design Style Volume Mousse Forte.

Special thanks to Katherine for allowing me to take photos and blog about it.

If you are looking for a colour expert and a hair colour transformation, come visit us at the salon ;)

We use Keune Tinta and Semi permanent colour does not contain PPD
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Posted by: Lizzy Mitchell

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