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Momoko Hair Shaping Carmelo Alessi Hairdressing Stony Stratford

Momoko permanently straightens and smoothes frizzy, curly hair.

I’m so excited to be blogging about Momoko, by far my fave treatment to date!

As someone who suffers with frizzy, wavy, unruly hair I can empathise with people who are fighting (and losing) a daily battle with their wild mane.

Momoko PERMANENTLY (yes permanently!) straightens and smoothes frizzy, curly hair & is the only product of it’s kind suitable for use on bleached hair.

After a consultation and strand test done for Jenny, we were ready to tame the mane!

I’m going to break the treatment down into 5 simple steps:

1 – Pre-cleanse & protect – we started by using a pre-treatment cleanser to ensure any product build up was washed away to leave the hair fresh & ready to take shape. I also applied some Momoko Mist & APT-Micro to protect Jenny’s bleached hair from unnecessary damage.

2 – Straightening Solution! – applied just under the root to the tip and combed through to ensure the C40 Straightening Solution was evenly distributed. The solution was left on for 20 minutes & a small piece of hair wrapped around a perm rod as an indicator of when the hair is ready to take a different shape. TIP when the hair isn’t trying to jump away from the rod, it’s ready to change.

3 – Deodorise – the Momoko treatment is almost faultless, apart from it’s slightly whiffy odour, we use a Deo-Rinse Shampoo to neutralise the smell & wash away the straightening solution. I also apply CMC3, which works a similar way to a conditioner to re-moisturise the hair. After drying and straightening with Repair Milk & (the ever sought after) Shine Oil, we were ready for our next step!

4 – Neutralising – we set the hair in it’s new straight position by applying the Momoko Straight C2 Neutraliser & leaving to do it’s magic for 15 minutes.

5 – Finish – after again, washing with the Deo-Rinse shampoo & applying the CMC3 conditioner we applied the Repair Milk, Shine Oil and rough dried the hair. Finally straightening the hair into it’s new shape.

After having a Momoko treatment, we have been advised to ensure the hair is NOT washed within 48 hours.

Breaking down the hair’s bonds to reshape & change the way someone sees their appearance. I am chuffed with these results & would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants frizz-free or straight, smoother locks!

I’m booked in for mine in March, I will share my results soon!

Momoko straighten and smooth Carmelo Alessi Hairdressing Stony Stratford

Posted by: Ela

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