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The hair style product EVERY Woman Should Own...

With so many hair styling options out there, it’s not easy knowing exactly which hair products you should buy. I often get asked for my top recommendation and personally I think Keune Blend Volume Powder is very good.

After the birth of my daughters, my wife started to suffer from thinning hair quite a bit on top. She uses this hair styling product a lot, as part of her daily make-up routine, and maybe too much… but says it makes her feel good and gives the illusion of thicker hair, which makes her feel more confident. A real winner all round, I say!

Her hair is dark brown, mid-length, wavy and quite thin and fly away in this area, especially as the baby hairs have started to grow back. Using the powder gives her hair a coarse matted texture that makes the hair stay in place throughout the day but still can sculpted easily.

She has a habit of flicking and touching her hair, when she speaks, which I do love about her- but again doesn’t help her here, as am always telling her that her hair can become more greasy quicker.

The powder has helped lot’s with delaying the need to wash her hair for another day. And for most busy working Mum’s and Women, it can be a real time saver.

The Keune Blend Volume Powder can be used anytime. So if you are between meetings and drinks after work, it’s instant glam in a little bottle, no bigger than a salt and pepper shaker.

So far, the majority of my clients who have tried it, say that they have to have it! It’s easy to use and you will find a little bit goes a long way. It’s not just for the ladies, us guys can use it too to add volume to those short, choppy or long on top textured styles.

The verdict is …

It’s great for any hair types and gives you that immediate bouncy lift without backcombing or teasing the hair. So as a Hairdresser and recommended by my wife… this is any woman’s handbag absolute must-have.

Posted by: Carmelo Alessi

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